Monday, October 29, 2007

Auspicious Beginning

Just before I left on tour, someone (god I was drunk at the time -- was it Paul or ryan?) told me that Calgary audience's were the best audiences in Canada. They were right.

Montreal came pretty damn close, though.

We read at the Green Room to a packed house -- early in the night Jon counted 87 guests, but there were a lot more by the time the readings got started. The vibe in the room was positive and rowdy and properly irreverent. It was an auspicious beginning.

Also, all the readers were fucking amazing. Every last one.

Highlights: Andrew Hood tender suckerpunch of a piece about ghosts; Jessica Whitehead's *stellar* performance from Pulpy & Midge that featured duelling bone piles; ryan starting all glib and clever, playful jabs that ended with an uppercut that split more than one tongue in half; Cara Hedley bringing together newfies and Hooters; and Dave McGimpsey's piece about an old cop sitcom that snuck up on me and broke into a soft squishy part of me I will continue to deny exists.

We endeed up at the Copacabana, or course. Neil and Andrew Hood struck up a bromance, ryan sparred with Mike Spry, I caught up with a dear old friend, and JPF looked terribly proud of himself, as rightly he should be. Beer was spilled. Arms were wrestled. My poutine virginity was lost.

I fell into bed a little after 3am. I awoke to the buzz and froth of a cappuccino machine (bliss!)

In the early afternoon, over epic sandwiches, the Three of us agreed that we couldn't have conjured a better beginning, notn with all the dark power of Montreal's strange majicks at our disposal.

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Tiffany said...

Poutine is honestly one of the best things to come out of my French-Canadian heritage. I'm so glad you enjoyed Montreal! (I have quite the soft spot for that city...)