Thursday, November 1, 2007

A Ghost Story

Quebec City is beset by a plague. It is a secret plague. We were uniquely qualified to uncovered this terrible secret, coming home in the small hours of the morning, hearing and seeing things more logical minds would pass by.

300 years ago, ghosts were unleashed upon Quebec. They are vague shades now, leaving sad orange smears on the buildings as they float through. 200 years ago, the vampires came (though they are mostly extinct now. The few that remain sleep with their clothes on.). Nearly 100 years ago, the most terrible plague yet visited the fairest Canadian City: Molemen. We encountered these creatures peripherally, scratching beneath the floorboards, eating holes in the streets and foundations, chittering malevolently in the night.

No one knows what terrible plague will come next.

So the citizens of Quebec dig. They dig deep and often. They are looking for something, someone long buried: They are looking for Champlain.

Each year that Champlain's body remains lost in the city, Quebec suffers. For every hundred years that he is lost, a new plague arrives. But when he is finally found, Quebec will be saved.

For on that day, Zombie Champlain will finally rise and lead Quebec to victory over the Molemen, and the city will be free.

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