Tuesday, November 6, 2007

of indies and politiks

We take tea with a whole coven of witches. I am home. I love Toronto; the city holds me anonymously, has a beautiful dirty grayness that feels like it has always just rained. The book stores and comic shops empty and fill me. Grilled cheese at the Stem. My girls, my gorgeous magical friends who I love as much as my own limbs and more. One day I’ll come home for good.

We read at the Green Room as part of the third season of Indiepolitik’s Strong Words reading series. We’re in the Art Bar, one of the other, more different bars buried deep in the Gladstone. Matt Blair bustles about and hosts like a champ. Moez is happy to see us as an old friend. And old friends come: Cindy and Andrew drive up from Guelph, Jessica and Tom manage to sneak away from their babies for the performance, Mike Davis (who I haven’t seen in years) and Katie drive an hour and a half in the rain. It is so good to meet Mark Truscott and Paul Hegedus. It’s is so good to see angela and Jordan again, I am overwhelmed.

At the Green Room performance I feel fort he first time that we are not three discrete artists doing our own disparate things, but a unit. We are a show. We heckle and play off each other, start feeling out a schtick. Both ryan and Neil read brilliantly; I am again reminded of how honoured I am to share all these stages with them. Neil reads the funereal. It’s the first time I hear him read this piece and it’s excellent. I meet the original Garfaxians and it all makes a little more sense.

Jay MillAr is absent and we worry; he comes home to a flood of calls and emails. He apologizes profusely and we’re all just happy he’s okay.

Gennie makes us more tea. Emily tells Neil the future. I am so glad that my friends meet and love my friends.

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