Friday, November 2, 2007

A Parliament of

A giant metal spider attacks the art gallery, one malevolent eye on the parliament buildings. There is something lovely and cruelly amiss about the flying butresses of Notre Dame. There are lakes and moats here, warning signs and damp moss. A sky the colour of my hair.

My billet has the flu, and is an incredibly display of generosity books me a night at a B&B (the house know as Echo Bank House, built by Hayes, the first governor of Scotiabank). ryan stays with Pearl Pirie in a top floor condo with a wrap-around view of the city. Neil stays in a spare room from another part of house where Max rents his apartment. The former tenant of the room stacked televisions of top of each other, made a mural of luna moths and ripped up the carpet after

We read in an art gallery in City Hall, the first performers in the new AB series or readings and lectures Max Middle curates. Max wears his Host Shirt and showers us with small kindnesses. There are about 30 audience members, so well behaved we become nervous at the lack of heckling.

At a pub afterwards, of course, had an excellent conversation and passable Caesar wrap. Charles Earl took killer pictures. Made many friends and heard of someone saying terrible things behind our backs (which was funnier than it was cruel). A half litre of white wine is just enough.

Morning full of eggs and sunrise. Back to the train station 24 hours after we arrived feels comfortable.

Amanda Earl and Pearl Pirie were awesome enough to review our performances. There's another review here. Give them a look-see.

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Amanda said...

who said mean things about you? we can throw them in the Ottawa River before it ices over. the blagards.